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Carol & Alexander McFadden

By Carol McFadden

Alexander McFadden (born June 28, 1984) is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the current rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Creed, as well as ‘Tremonti’, which is fronted by Alter Bridge and Creed lead guitarist Mark Tremonti. He played with the band on their 2009 United States reunion tour with Staind and their 20-10 Tour with Skillet. He is the former lead guitarist for the band Submersed and also the former lead guitarist for Daughters of Mara. Submersed and Daughters of Mara both disbanded in 2008. He also currently plays lead guitar and co writes for the rock band Hemme. At the tender age of thirteen McFadden was the youngest guitarist at the time to be fully endorsed by Fender(guitar company). His first introduction to Mark Tremonti was at a NAMM show(guitarist convention) where his then manager introduced them both. They subsequently jammed at one of the Rivera amp booths and noticed, that although they had different styles, (Tremonti being heavily influenced by metal and McFadden Blues), they both complemented each other.

It all started for McFadden when his teenage guitar hero his father George McFadden pulled him onstage for a jam session during his set at the Galaxy Theater (Santa Ana, CA) in 1996. Shortly after he began playing in his own blues outfit called The Alexander McFadden Band and was endorsed by Fender at the age of 13. McFadden opened up for acts such as Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, and Jonny Lang. He had a developmental record deal with Steve Vai’s label Favored Nations at 15.

In 2000, McFadden started a rock band called Blacsun that had demos produced by Brett Hestla (Virgos, Dark New Day). In the same year, he became the lead guitarist for the band Submersed. He performed on their debut album, In Due Time, The band’s second album, Immortal Verses, was released later that year before the band disbanded in 2008. He was also the guitarist for Daughters of Mara during this time, who also broke up in 2008.

In addition to Kenny Wayne Shepherd, McFadden is influenced by Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge and has since formed a close friendship with Tremonti, who requested for McFadden to perform as Creed’s rhythm guitarist on tour. McFadden states that he grew up listening to Creed’s music, particularly their debut album My Own Prison. While on tour with Creed, he provides rhythm guitar and backing vocals. He also performs a guitar solo with Tremonti on “What If.” He appeared as a touring member on Creed’s record-breaking live DVD, Creed Live. It has also been announced that Creed will reportedly be releasing a new song called “More Than This” which will feature McFadden on guitar. McFadden has also appeared in interviews and several promotional photos and videos. All of this has led to rumors of McFadden officially joining Creed, and the band has stated that they have discussed this, but nothing has been confirmed. McFadden returned to Creed in 2012 for the band’s 2 Nights Tour.

Alexander McFadden was featured on Mark Tremonti‘s debut solo album, All I Was, playing Guitar, Bass & singing background vocals. He is featured in the music video of “You Waste Your Time”

In 2012, McFadden joined the super group Projected, alongside Seven dust’s John Connolly, Vinnie Hornsby & Creed drummer Scott Phillips. Their debut album Human was released on September 18, 2012.


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